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> >> Okay, here is another memory test.
> >> This time, on H. erectus and his tool industry.
> >> Any corrections would be greatly appreciated.
> >>
> >> Homo Erectus - Java and Peking Man
> >> ==================================
> >>. 1.5 mya - 400 kya
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> write
> >1.9+ to 0.4- MYr
> There are old references to Chinese and Javanese H. erectus dated to
> nearly 2.0 Myr. In most cases those were based on biased interpretations
> of limited paleomagnetic data (like the White et al. claim for the age of
> A. ramidus). Right now I think 1.8 Myr is the oldest well-dated H.
> erectus.

Probably, although the KBS tuff is at 1.88 MYr, and there's some
post-cranial stuff below it that may be H. erectus.

> A comment about Ngandong. Most folks seem to agree its about 200,000 yrs
> old. They don't agree on whether they belong to H. erectus or not. They
> have a confusing combination of features -- larger brains than most H.
> erectus combined w/ robust, well-buttressed crania. (if you have casts,
> check out the occipital region -- these guys (& girls) were BUILT).

Rightmire seems to accept that stuff as H. erectus, and so does my
database, linking it with the earlier Javan material. It may be a late

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