Re: Intelligent Dinosaur Paleo Civilization?

Elizabeth Olivier (
Sat, 01 Jul 95 01:10:40 GMT

In article <3t0vsu$> "Dewi Morgan" writes:

> We will have other species with us when we colonise other planets in only a few
> thousand years. We will have other species with us when we change those parts
> of the earth that do not fit us into habitable regions. This may prove to be a
> little heavy on the scorpions that live in the deserts, but who cares?
Cats will come with us. They are adapting for it. We have spent our
centuries with them turning them into ideal companions for a lonely
asteroid miner, providing affection, aesthetic pleasure, and amusement. There
are still a few problems about enclosed spaces, but "Bombay" cats, a pretty
new recognised breed, love human companionship so much they arent too bothered
about going out. They've hitched their wagon to our star, and I think they're
going the whole way.

(Sorry if inappropriate to the newsgroup; couldnt resist...)