Re: WWW-based Anthro Quiz

JAWetting (
3 Jul 1995 20:59:01 -0400

>>Are you referring to Internet Assistant? I use it for prototyping but it
t useful for much beyond that. Most of the HTML code will be
by programs that I will be creating. I'm less creating actual Web pages
software which can build them on-the-fly. What is the Wextech product?

Hi Stephen, yes Internet Assistant was the package I was referring to. Re
your other question, Wextech produces Doc-To-Help, the MS Windows help
authoring tool used by PC programmers. (I understand Microsoft also
allows Macintosh to run these HLP files-sans correct fonts- to save on
development time.) Doc-To-Help allows authoring in documents which are
compiled (presumeably like Internet Assistant) to help hypertext. They
are looking at adapting D2H to both Win 95 Help (which will be much more
like the powerful encarta engine Multimedia Viewer with full text
multi-file searches) and to HTML. What you're doing sounds pretty
sophisticated. What are you programming in and what does it create
besides link codes?. Does HTML have much of a macro language?

(The only serious HLP competitor to D2H is RoboHelp, which has some
pretty nifty C++ and Visual Basic tools, but which is a nightmare to
design intuitive features in such as table of contents, and browse
hierarchies). By the way, where and with whom are you working on your

Best of Luck. Jon Wettingfeld NYC P.S. Pretty interesting stuff this
new Pan Trolodytes meat consumption data from Gombe! They're eating
hundreds of Red Colibus a year--skin and bones--with no trace. This is
scarey because a.) one of My grad teachers, J.F. Oates studied with the
Colibus Badius maven T. Struhsaker, and I would hate to think Chimps were
cofactors in reducing that population b.) As pointed out in a recent
article, extensive consumption of small mammals without any fossil remains
(by animals with frugivorous dentition) raises some interesting issues
about interpreting the record correctly for early homo diets. PPS Why
don't women ever answer on this 'net thing. (just kidding try