Re: AAT Questions...

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3 Jul 1995 01:43:12 GMT

Pat Dooley wrote:
[many snips]
>Our nearest relatives have no such system - chimps and gorillas don't
>sweat, no matter how hot it gets or how hard they work.
[many more snips]

I know this is just a small part of the original post, but this is what
caught my attention. Are you sure chimps and gorillas don't sweat? I was
under the impression they did. If they don't sweat, do they have some
comparable mechanism?

While I'm at it, here's another question. I haven't read about the AAT; I've
only followed some of the posts here. Why did the aquatic hominid return to
land? The AAT supporters argue that bipedalism is a terrible trait for
savannah life. So then why did the aquatic hominids move there, and why did
they survive?

Dave B.