Re: A question about sex and race

Mathew Deres u (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 19:04:25 GMT

me ( wrote:
: Has anyone come across a Journal article which seeks to explain why
: members of the caucasian race are so sexually atracted to the negro
: race?
: I have read that there was a french scientist who tryed to artificially
: produce the smell of a black women with the presumpsion that it was
: a powerful sexual attractant. Has there been a similar thing with the
: black man?
: I have read about the German women in pre-hitler days going after black
: men in droves. I have also read about the European white man's sexual
: obsession with black women.
: I've heard a theory that the reason whites are strongly attracted to
: blacks is because their body is subconsciously trying to obtain something
: they have a lack of-melanin.-Peter B.

Please tell me this is not a serious request. Sexual attraction between
races is almost certainly conditioned socially. Subconsciously trying to
get melanin from another person? The colour doesn't rub off you know!
As for the "scientist" trying to replicate the smell of a black woman: I
wish him luck. Body odour varies much more directly with diet than with
just about anything else. He'll be lucky if he manages to replicate the
smell of a sweat sock.
I'm a European descended male and I don't find black females any more or
less attractive than anyone else. If anything, I'm attracted to Asian
types ... perhaps I have an unconscious desire to overcome my lack of
epicanthic folds?
I'm sorry, but the whole thing sounds pretty ludicrous to me. I wish you
the greatest of luck in finding the Journal article you are looking for.
Please send me the biblio when you find it!

All my incredibly NON-humble opinion, of course :-)