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28 Jun 1995 23:10:29 GMT

Harry Erwin ( wrote:
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: Niche: omnivore, concentrating on high quality foods taken on the ground
: and from trees. Used arboreal tree-climbing and terrestrial bipedalism to
: maximize search rate.

Here I would like to add/change: some nomadic behavior, rudimentary tool
use a la chimpanzees but with stronger hoarding instincts of both tools
and food. Bipedalism also useful for carrying infants.

: Defense mechanisms: group cooperation and tree climbing. (Females and
: juveniles were light enough that leopards could be avoided by moving out
: to small branches.) If swimming behavior was present, escape by dropping
: into the water might have also been used.

: Sexual strategy: TBD, but probably did not involve pair-bonding.

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