A question about sex and race

me (PJB113@psuvm.psu.edu)
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 10:57:35 EDT

Has anyone come across a Journal article which seeks to explain why
members of the caucasian race are so sexually atracted to the negro

I have read that there was a french scientist who tryed to artificially
produce the smell of a black women with the presumpsion that it was
a powerful sexual attractant. Has there been a similar thing with the
black man?

I have read about the German women in pre-hitler days going after black
men in droves. I have also read about the European white man's sexual
obsession with black women.

I've heard a theory that the reason whites are strongly attracted to
blacks is because their body is subconsciously trying to obtain something
they have a lack of-melanin.-Peter B.