Re: aquatic ape?

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26 Jul 1994 21:47:36 GMT (GonickL) writes:

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>I think the aquatic ape idea depended on a several-million year gap in the
>fossil evidence that turned out to be illusory. Morgan wrote when it was
>thought that hominids split from the apes around 15 million yrs ago, while
>now it seems more like 7 or 5...

That does reinforce her point that the gene pools would have to be
separate, and savannah vs trees would not be sufficient.
Scientific American (a few months ago?) had an article that claimed
that all of the humanoid fossils of the right age were found east of the
Rift valley, while chimps were found west, providing a 'genetic island'
effect. Any follow-up on the article? (Omo river valley; I'll check the
issue if there is interest.)

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