Need data about Ancient Egypt mummies and skeleton

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Sat, 23 Jul 1994 22:04:57 +0200

My name is Saskia Osthues and I just started my doctoral dissertation.
The title of this dissertation is :

The Population of Ancient Egypt-
A summarising statistical analysis of human mummies and skeleton.

I want to summarise all datas about human mummies and skeleton of Ancient
Egypt between about 3000 B.C. and about 500 A.D.. For the statistical
analysis I'm mostly interested in measurements, such as length/width of
bones, but also in results of radiography, tomography, serology,
histology, mikroskopy, etc..
I really want to have all datas about people of Ancient Egypt I can get,
so that my doctoral dissertation can give the nowadays standing of
knowledge about egyptians living during the dynasties.
I already read some articles out of the American Journal of physical
Anthropology and I hope that there is more of this available in Munic.
More difficult to get is information about mummie-Projects, dissertations
and habilitations of the last years. A lot of them are propably not (yet)
published in Germany. Is there any catalogue about all Egyptian mummies of
America, where thy are, what is already done with them, how old they are
and so on?
If you could give me more informations about what is going on in this
direction at american museums and universities, I would be very thankful.
I'm also interested in contact adresses of people working on this subject.

Thanks a lot in advance

Saskia Osthues

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