History of Science Newsgroup Proposed

Jonathan Grobe (grobe@ins.infonet.net)
9 Jul 1994 02:40:21 GMT

A newsgroup for the history of science (soc.history.science) is currently
being discussed in news.groups. Discussion started June 26 and will
continue until July 18 or so.

I sent this proposal to a number of mailing lists in the history of
science area and was surprised to find out that there are a lot of
people who don't have access to Usenet newsgroups. Thus I have decided
that I want to set up a mailing list gatewayed to this group. Thus people
will either be able to access the group by Usenet or by the mailing list.
Unfortunately I can't do this with my internet provider. Does anyone have
access to listserv software who would be willing to do this? (The gateway
can be done between any listserv list, so it doesn't matter where it is

The formal Request for Discussion follows:

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to create the proposed
unmoderated group soc.history.science.

soc.history.science will discuss the history of science in the broad sense:
including the history of the physical sciences, history of the biological
sciences, history of the social sciences, history of medicine, history of
technology, history of mathematics, philosophy of science, and related

soc.history.science is needed because currently discussion is spread out
over several mailing lists as well as a large number of newsgroups with
only an occasional posting.

Please repost this RFD to other mailing lists and newsgroups that I have

Some individuals would prefer that the group be in the sci.* hierarchy.
It is placed in soc.* on the advice of group-advice.

All discussion should be directed to news.groups. If you have an interest
in this newsgroup please make it known. Discussion will continue
for 21-30 days at which time a Call for Votes (CFV) will be held--
assuming the proposal receives generally positive comment. To pass the
proposal must receive 100 more Yes votes than No votes and at least
two thirds of the votes must be positive.

Jonathan Grobe grobe@ins.infonet.net