MAML - Mapping Anthropology's Missing Links

Stephen Clark (
Sat, 2 Jul 1994 21:35:16 GMT

WARNING! :: This posting is for those users of WWW and Mosaic ::


I'm building a page for those who surf the internet browsing at various
pages. I have semi-completed a good starting point Anthropologists to look
around the net. There's links to NEWS groups, FTP sites, GOPHER links, and
other WWW servers. All of this information was borrowed from the FAQ for

However, the main intent of this little project is to create a database
of HTML links to anthropologists home directories around the world.

This is an effort to bridge gaps which email, mailling lists, and NEWS group
postings leave.

So if you have developed your own homepage and wish to have it placed so that
others may know about you, your work, etc. , then send me mail and your URL
address and it'll be added.

Some bugs may still be present as it is still under development.



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