Re: Is Bob Only Exaggerating?
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 13:07:28 -0600 wrote:
> You're making less sense than usual.

Gee, that's a relief, Bob. The day that I start making sense to _you_,
I'll check myself in to a rest home for a while.

> view and not actually be fired, but a junior professor being considered
> for tenure who dares challenge your doctrine on race will NEVER be
> tenured.
> Do you challenge that?

(1) Yup. Take a look at the issues of something like _Mankind Quarterly_.
You'll find people at levels of academia from students on up. Two
reasons: this little thing called 'academic freedom', and those nasty
ol' PC grievance procedures. Some people are going to get tagged for
doing bad science (which is, of course, characteristic of racist research),
but you'd be amazed at the number that go through.

(2) You've just made a general claim about academia, based on an e-mail
from someone. I put in #1 above, just 'cause I'm a nice guy... but really,
all I have to say is, _you_ made the claim, _you_ substantiate it.

> In the spirit of Poltically Correct Free Speech, as soon as it was
> published, the journal was grabbed back-- good old book burning.

(Snort). Remarkably ineffective book-burners, aren't we, if shutting
Jensen up was a goal... I've used a Festschrift to him, for example --
published in the 'Falmer International Master-Minds Challenged' series,
along with works for Lawrence Kohlberg, Hans Eysenck(!), Noam Chomsky and
BF Skinner. Jensen's remarkably well-disseminated for someone under
your academic bans, isn't he?

> Bad mistake, Bob.

Bob, Bob, Bob. Talking to yourself is a _bad_ sign. Just remember,
when you need to work this stuff out, we're here for you.


Scott MacEachern
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Bowdoin College
Brunswick, ME 04011
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