Re: Is Bob Only Exaggerating?

Lester D. Shubin (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 16:15:24 -0500

Floyd Davidson wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> >>important as differential intelligence or cultural potential among
> >>human populations -- then you're making huge political and scientific
> >>claims, and the person claiming that such differences exist must take
> >>up the onus of proving them. And from what I've seen of late-20th
> >>century 'racial science', it's in a sad state.
> >
> > It is obvious. The Africans were naked head-hunters while the Whites
> >built civilization. Every IQ testing has proven that Whites are on
> >average far more intelligent than Blacks. the mixed race Blacks are more
> >intelligent than the pure Blacks as they were found in the Congo.
> >Nevertheless, Whites inter-marrying with Blacks would inevitably lead to
> >tremendous loss of cuture and inventions. This extreme loss would be
> >forever. The future of the earth is as stake and the liberal race-mixers
> >are on the wrong side. Black neighborhoods in America are not good. The
> >answer is not to blame the Blacks for wanting to live with Whites. The
> >answer to to remove the enemy race of Jews from controlling the media.
> >Jews are what they have always been. Enemies if White civilization.
> >
> Who said Neanderthal Man was extinct?
> --
> Floyd L. Davidson Salcha, Alaska

That's an insult to Neanderthal!