Re: milk and human sociobiology

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>Adult dogs are commonly lactose-intolerant, and people who feed them
>with milk wonder why they have loose stools. This fits expecially to
>the spitz-type dogs, like the Finnish spitz, the Karelian laika and
>the Lappland dog. The severity of the trait varies, and the amount of
>lactose which can be sustained.

Adult cats can't digest milk, either. The results are rather unpleasant...

A quick table:

Frequencies of lactose intolerance (selected populations):

Pop. %

US whites 2-19
Finnish 18
Swiss 12
Swedish 4

US blacks 70-77
Ibos 99
Bantu 90
Fulani 22

Thais 99
US Orientals 95-100

aborigines 85

From: Nelson & Jurmain, Introduction to Physical Anthropology (5ed)p.166

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