Re: A Question I've Always Had About Evolution.

John W. Irwin (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 15:36:13 -0800

Ed Conrad wrote:

> Then, William, after spending time at the archives and discovering
> that just about everything stated there about an ancestral link from
> monkey/apes to man is nothing more than rhetoric (hot air) -- lacking
> even the tiniest shred of undisputed physical evidence -- turn to
> >
> where you'll be greeted with a much better approximation of man's
> true origin and ancestry.

Yes, William, if you want hot air, then do turn to Ed Conrad's web site
and you'll be treated to a vacation in the Sahara dessert.

We are descended from common ancestors along with other modern primates.
This is shown in the real fossil record (ie. not Ed Conrad's ravings) and
DNA evidence.

BTW: If you can find any UNDISPUTED evidence in Ed's pages, please let me