Re: Is Bob Only Exaggerating?

Alex Vange (
26 Jan 97 23:30:03 GMT

>important as differential intelligence or cultural potential among
>human populations -- then you're making huge political and scientific
>claims, and the person claiming that such differences exist must take
>up the onus of proving them. And from what I've seen of late-20th
>century 'racial science', it's in a sad state.

It is obvious. The Africans were naked head-hunters while the Whites
built civilization. Every IQ testing has proven that Whites are on
average far more intelligent than Blacks. the mixed race Blacks are more
intelligent than the pure Blacks as they were found in the Congo.
Nevertheless, Whites inter-marrying with Blacks would inevitably lead to
tremendous loss of cuture and inventions. This extreme loss would be
forever. The future of the earth is as stake and the liberal race-mixers
are on the wrong side. Black neighborhoods in America are not good. The
answer is not to blame the Blacks for wanting to live with Whites. The
answer to to remove the enemy race of Jews from controlling the media.
Jews are what they have always been. Enemies if White civilization.