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Sat, 25 Jan 1997 14:26:42 GMT

On Fri, 24 Jan 1997, (John M. Feiereisen)
wrote to, etc., beneath the header: ``Re: REVEALED (Not!)
Ed Conrad's academic background and qualifictions":

>And note that Ed never did answer the question about his academic
>credentials. He merely entertained us with the fact that he's been
>laughed off of numerous college campuses. Hell, I could probably get
>myself laughed out of Johns Hopkins if I told them I could remove
>brain tumors with a toothbrush. Would that make me a surgeon?
>And regarding Ed's status with Sunlink: Notice that I cross-posted
>my request for his and Ted's academic credentials to,
>, and alt.catastrophism, and Henry rightly followed-up
>in the same three groups. But then Ed followed-up not only in those
>three groups, but also cross-posted his non-answer into
>sci.anthropology, sci.anthropology.paleo, and sci.archaeology,
>*exactly* the sort of behavior that contributed to getting him kicked
>off of PenTelData.
>Anybody want to take bets on how long Ed lasts on Sunlink?
Hey, Feiereisen:
You're wrong on only two points.
I was NEVER laughed off of any college campuses.
I was treated with a great deal of respect when I first presented my
specimens and EVERYONE who examined them expressed a great
deal of interest.
I could say they were flabberghasted -- which is true -- but, if did,
you wouldn't believe me.

The unpleasantries cropped up ONLY AFTER they inquired where I had
found them and were informed they originated from between two
different veins of Pennsyvlania's anthracite coal.
Only then, after a few moments of deep thought and, in some cases,
pulling out and closely examining geological maps, their twitching and
nervousness began.
In fact, one so-called ``expert" in earth sciences actually became so
gittery that he had difficulty lighting his pipe.

Their enthusiasm had turned to downright fear in amazing suddenness.
They immediately realized what they might be getting into -- a threat
to their vested interests, to their very suvrival -- and, at that
point, became evasive and showed a total lack of interest in pursuing
the matter any further.

They couldn't get me to leave their office or laboratory fast enough,
but not once was I laughed at
They simply wanted nothing whatsoever to do with me or my specimens.
They knew -- and rightly so! -- they had too damn much to lose if they
stuck their nose where it didn't belong .

Your other gross error, Feiereisen:

My discovery of human/homind and large-animal bone and teeth in coal
seams, and the pro and con reaction to these findings, most certainly
are appropriate postings to sci.anthropology, sci.anthropology.paleo,
sci.archaeology and other pertinent news groups such as

You are incorrect in stating, by cross-posting there, it was
``*exactly* the sort of behavior that contributed to getting him
kicked off of PenTelData."

If you want the truth -- but, obviously, you don't -- my departure
from Prolog was the result of an avalanche of chicken-shit protests
that unquestionably was part and parcel of an orchestrated operation.

The vast, vast majority of hate mail that Prolog received had only a
teeny bit of foundation, if any.

The truly unfortunate thing is that Prolog never really gave me an
opportunity to defend myself. It conducted a kangaroo court and maybe
someday its officials will really regret it.

Switching to Sunlink, as I mentioned previously, one sci.grouper
already has been posting FIVE AND SIX hostile e-mails a day, despite
my short stay.

I plan to post his identity, since I am certainly entitled to this
information (as is the silent majority out there).

Meanwhile, well aware of the campaign of unjustified harassment that
continues against me. let it be known that I am in the process of
establishing communication with the Computer Professionals for Social
Responsibility group and the Electronic Freedom Foundation group.

But already I have learned that I have every right to post to any
newsgroup on the planet as long as I remain on-topic (or even in the
ballpark), and I have every right to challenge -- in court --
unfounded intimidation tactics.

Last but not least, Feiereisen. let me inform you that your snide
remark -- your reference to my departure from PenTelData -- has you
now walking a fine, thin line of harassment yourself.

Simply by mentioning this past occurrence -- an attempt, I suppose, to
instigate a similiar e-mail campaign at Sunlink (without giving me an
opportunity to defend myself) -- is very close to a blatant violation
of my Freedom of Speech.