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Wed, 22 Jan 1997 19:49:57 -0500 wrote:
> Alex Vange <> wrote:
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> > Stalin was on the side of evil. America joined with the side of evil
> > to fight the good side which was the axis.
> Y'know, I've got two theories about you.
> (1) You're a bot.
> (2) You were given one of those carnivorous Cabbage Patch dolls
> at Christmas, and your Mom couldn't pull it off before it got to
> your brain.
> At this point, I'm leaning toward explanation #1, but I could be
> convinced that #2 is more accurate.
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You're making less sense than usual.
One fellow who is doing his dissertation right now wrote to remind me
that I had not belabored the obvious enough when it comes to professors
being fired. Since I am dealing with Poltically Correct people for whom
"DUHH!" is the main argument, I must rememerb not to assume anything.
As this fellow reminded me, it is not at the tenured professor leve
that your elimination of Political Correctness takes place. A tenured
professor like Arthur Jensen may be converted to a very un-PC point of
view and not actually be fired, but a junior professor being considered
for tenure who dares challenge your doctrine on race will NEVER be
Do you challenge that?
Jensen was asked to do an artilce on race and IQ for a major Harvard
academic publication. He was, of course, suppposed to follow your
required line, athat race isn't there. In doing the research, he found
that, in fact, there was no evidence at all for this required reacial
equality,a nd he said so in the article.
In the spirit of Poltically Correct Free Speech, as soon as it was
published, the journal was grabbed back-- good old book burning. But
Jensen was not fired.
I had thought that the tenure elimination was understood as the
important point. But I did not belabor it, because I expected a little
bit of honesty on your part.
Bad mistake, Bob. Political Correctness does not arise from
intellectual honesty.