Re: REVEALED (at long last!) Ed Conrad's academic background and qualifications

EJ Ford (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:41:48 -0800

Maria G. Corral wrote:
> Ed you did not answer the question. What is your educational/scientific
> background
<snip of a post from Ed Conrad about his "time in hallowed halls">

Ed Conrad should have nothing to be afraid of. I'm sure that as a
person with an active interest in paleontology, he has some knowledge of
Richard Leakey, a man who has garnered a great deal of merrit withour a
formal academic degree.

Ed, I'm sure that the folks in the Newsgroup are just interested in your
background out of curiousity. If you feel that your academic background
is a shortcoming, that does not necessariy mean that the rest of us

I, for one, would just like to know more about you, and why you have
such a vendetta against academia. Another point I am curious about is
why you are so passionate about this. I mean, it's good to be
enthusiastic, but enthusiasm is just a blinder of a different sort than
willful ignorance.

The validity of your points is obscured by your reliance on
confrontational dogma and your refusal to enter into a real dialog with
the participants on this list. I don't ask you to lose interest in
paleontology. I certainly do not cast aspersions on the specifics of
your paleontological background. Realize this, however: Your failure
to directly address isses raised by this group does not aid your

EJ Ford