Re: Is Bob Only Exaggerating?

Albert Himoe (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 01:43:04 -0600

I've lost track of who said this:

> > : I'd like to know of a case of someone getting tenure, within the last
> > : decade, who has openly held these positions. And I'd like even more to
> > : know of a case where someone openly claiming that whites are innately
> > : more intelligent than blacks getting tenure.
> >
> > There is one at City College in New York who holds what are called
> > "politically incorrect" ideas, and there is one at the University of
> > Delaware who believes in the "racial" inferiority of Blacks. Both are
> > still at their respective universities, with tenure.

Let us recognize these outstanding courageous individuals by name:

(a) Michael Levin. I just read a comment of his where he mentioned in
1994 of having completed a book on race, Race Matters. It still hasn't
been published. When it is, I'm confident it will be outstanding.
Levin had to sue CCNY to keep from being fired from his tenured

(b) Linda Gottfredson. Her university tried to prevent her from
accepting a grant from the Pioneer Fund. I believe she had to sue her
University also. She was the organizer of the famous Wall Street
Journal statement of 50 supporting the factual accuracy of the Bell

Albert Himoe