Re: milk and human sociobiology

Paul J. Gans (
23 Jan 1997 01:39:13 GMT

Robert Snower ( wrote:
: (Gerold Firl) wrote:
: >Here is an interesting question: did the genes for lactose tolerance
: >diffuse outward from a single source, or did evolution locally select
: >for it in areas where cattle were kept for meat? Actually, both
: >processes undoubtedly occured, but which was faster?
: To me the more interesting question is, why did the lactose
: intolerance develop? And when? And why was it adaptive?

It could have been the other way around. The lactose
tolerance could be the mutation...

Actually, the human geneticists might know. I understand that
relationship patterns between broad human groups is now
coming under study. The key, I suspect, lies in *which*
African groups are lactose tolerant.

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