Re: Carlos Castaneda, The teachings of Don Juan

frank murray (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 10:11:48 GMT

On 20 Jan 1997 08:10:38 GMT, Lawton)

>The price is low to moderate for a workshop of this type, the setting
>always comfortable, and you'll go away feeling better than you did when
>you started (but perhaps a bit sore from the exercises).

stating the exact price would make this advertisement seem less of a
cheap hustle....what is the exact price??...

>If you didn't know about this, you've probably wondered whether to take
>it all seriously. If you go to a few workshops you'll find out that
>quite a few people do. Carlos' associates, who were taught by Don Juan
>himself, are often in attendance at these workshops, and Carlos usually
>shows up to workshops in the Los Angeles area, but no promises can be
>made (it's a matter of energy). His associates are Carol Tiggs,
>Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar, and the blue scout.

will don genero show up for any of the workshops??...will the blue
scout be available for photographic sessions and metalurgical

>The techniques taught at the workshop fall under the name of

as that term has a well established meaning within the work of bucky
fuller, why do you appropriate it in the naming of your
techniques??...what connection do these techniques have with the
tensegrities of bucky'sconstruction??...

>The results are wonderful, to say the least. I was headed for a heart
>attack when I started, so much so that I had visited the emergency ward
>in panic several times and had a doctor who insisted I was a candidate
>for a pacemaker. Two years later I feel younger than I did when I was
>18, I'm more flexible, have a better memory, lost 40 pounds, and am
>just much better off. I've also got an inkling of what sorcerery is
>all about, and it's really exciting.

why were you carrying an extra forty pounds?? much per pound
lost have you spent so far on these workshops??...please also state
the price in terms of the gates of dreaming and the attentions

>If you've ever wanted to hear Carlos talk you won't be disappointed.
>I'm 99% sure he'll show up, but if he doesn't one of the others who was
>close to Don Juan will. Perhaps they all will.

will a 99% refund be given if, by some odd chance, carlos don't
show?? you recieve a commission or finder's fee of any sort??...

with questions and suspicions