Re: Social evolution of hominids
18 Jan 1997 17:25:24 +0200 wrote:

>cultures are evolutionarily behind those cultures where <snip>

I see that we speak of different things. When speaking of evolution,
I usually mean biological evolution. Cultural evolution is a
separate thing.

>I have never come across this idea of behavior=gene correlation
>I think you are confusing behavior with biology. <snip>

There is inborn behaviour, which is gene-linked, and cultural
behaviour, which is learned, and combinations of the two, if I
understand it right.

>Under Lovejoy's model, it is the male providing for both the female and
>his offspring. Possible only through monogamous pair bonds. At what point
>in human evolution do you think females controlled the sources of living?
>and had the economic power that you mention?

Women provide most of the food in many hunter-gatherer groups, as well
as among many primitive plant-growers.

But since I originally left the most common social structure of
humans in historical times, the male polygamy, away from my
calculations, and I have realized how flexible the human cultural
status is, I think this thread has made all it could.

Thank you, for participating!

> Susan
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Aila Korhonen in Finland