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>> >Neanderthal man is now known to be fully human, a recent Scientific American
>> >Article showed that a remarkably well preserved Neanderthal body included
>> >the fossilzed vocal chords and tongue, showing them to be nearly indentical
>> >to modern man's and capable of modern speech.
>> Do you have the issue number for this Article? I would very much like
>> to read it.

No, I'm sorry I don't. It's actually a quote from a reader written
locally (here in Korea) for Hyundai business executives learning to
speak English at an in-house training centre. The writer is the head
English instructor. Having read it cover to cover, it seems to me that
the writer's only reference is "Bones of Contention" by Marvin Lubenow -
Baker Books, 1992. I've never seen that book.

It's a creationist book. The stardard creationist line, followed by
Lubenow, is that Neandertal was "fully human", and that any differences
had pathological causes, especially rickets. The idea is ridiculous for
many reasons.

See for more info.

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