Donald Hamilton (
15 Jan 1997 18:47:42 GMT

 Forty thousand years ago the final vital cells were created and the
connections completed in the Homo Sapiens' brain. (Up until this time
humans had a very limited imagination). New pathways were opened. The
whole brain flashed with tremendous new mental energy surging every which
way across its cells, creating lightning fast, complex patterns that
instantly conveyed mental images to its host. Imagination gave humans the
unique ability to be creative, to form a mental image, to "see" with our
mind, to imagine abstract thoughts. The Homo Sapiens became the Homo
Imaginative Sapiens. Mankind alone has a creative Imagination. What
tremendous power!! It is the power that separates human beings from all
the other animals on the planet. Creative imagination has allowed mankind
to progress through the centuries.This is the time when people suddenly
became aware of the mysteries and wonders that surrounded them. Strange
wondrous things began to happen on this tiny planet we call Earth.
Beautiful new tools, paintings and other artifacts began to be created.
Words and languages were invented, storytellers came into being. It was
the time of the creation of the "MIND OF MANKIND". The physical body of
mankind had slowly evolved over the eons but the "MIND" was created in a
short period of time. It was the time of the Creation of Mankind.

Don Hamilton, author of - "THE MIND OF MANKIND, Human Imagination the
source of Mankind€s tremendous power!"

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