RADIOCARBON reduces subscription price

David Sewell (
13 Jan 1997 23:26:41 GMT

RADIOCARBON, the main international journal devoted to dating with
radiocarbon and other cosmogenic isotopes, is rolling back its
subscription prices for individual subscribers to 1988 prices.
Effective 13 January, new subscriptions to the current volume (Vol.
38) are reduced from $85 to $55/year for new subscribers. All
individual subscriptions to Volume 39 will also be at $55/year.

Volume 38 includes the abstracts of the 7th International Conference
on Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy, a special-topic issue on Soils
Dating edited by Doug Harkness and Peter Becker-Heidmann (in press),
and a special-topic issue on Oceans edited by Ellen Druffel, Ann
McNichol, and Warren Beck.

Individual subscriptions to RADIOCARBON include the triennial conference
proceedings issue from the international radiocarbon conferences, too.
(The next one is scheduled for Volume 40, 1998).

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reply to or see our WWW pages at

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