Re: Picture of Fossilized Foot Prints

Phillip Bigelow (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 18:14:41 -0800

Michael McBroom wrote:
> RXFOOTDOC wrote:

> > I am a podiatrist. I have seen a picture of fossilized foot prints in
> > mud. I am writing a book about the feet for the Nail Professionals and
> > would like to use this picture in a section of the book about the
> > evolution of the human foot. I can not find the picture. Can any one
> > tell me where to look?

> Richard Leakey's and Roger Lewin's book _Origins Reconsidered_
> has a photo of a couple of the prints. I'm sure lots of other books
> will, also. As to where you'll be able to obtain a released original
> for publication, I couldn't tell you.

He can probably get a copyright release by writing to the Institute
Human Origins in Berkeley, California USA. Various researchers there
have original negatives that they may be willing to allow copying.