Re: Social evolution of hominids

Michael McBroom (
11 Jan 1997 07:32:45 GMT

In <>, (Al Curtis) writes:
>This is one of several books I spent a good deal of time perusing at
>my local Barnes & Noble the other night. It looked to be a very good
>capsule summary of recent discoveries and theories in the anthropology
>field. Since my funds are limited, I opted for "The Runaway Brain" by
>Christopher Wills. I haven't been able to put it down!

I read _The Runaway Brain_ a few months back, and found it to be quite
interesting, as well. I think he made some good points, but he missed
a few as well. Another book that deals with the origins of human cognition
from the perspective of language is Derek Bickerton's _Language and Species_
(1990), which I have mentioned here in other threads. Bickerton's views are
controversial but provocative. I'd be interested in hearing what you or others
think about it if you get the chance to read it.


Michael McBroom
CSUF Linguistics