Re: Human language (long)
11 Jan 1997 07:54:45 +0200 wrote:

> I was talking about the larynx descending in the vocal tract for its v
> producing calls that would help members of a hunting pack to locate ea
> other. The main factor in language as in speech or talking is the bra
> the vocal tract. I would have no problem believing that women invente
> first words of language.

Hmm, wouldn't the wolves have deep throats, then?

[about the early learning of speech]
> This is not quite correct. The brains of young children are very plas
> are good at mastering anything new, not just language. For those who
> our brains are hard-wired for language, consider that the linguistic
> hemisphere of many left-handers is the right hemisphere, and that the
> hemisphere of a young child with a missing left hemisphere can acquire
> in just a slightly degraded fashion. The plastic brain of a young chi
> adapt to a variety of learning tasks.

There was a recent post about that hard-wiring, and I have read
about it somewhere else. Just after my own experience, when I compare
the other skills of a two to three year child to his/her skills of
language, a hard-wiring comes to mind.

PS. Don't take my provocation quite seriously, I'm learnig the method
here in the net! I was attracted by the opportunity. :)

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> John Halloran

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