Re: Tompkins is not the sole secret to all Egypts pyramids

John the ForeRunner (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 17:41:22 +0000

Charles R. Pfaff wrote:
> Why don't you pickup Peter Tompkins book 'Secrets of the Great Pyramid'
> Not only is it replete with photos and drawings but the bibliography is
> unprecedented in its entirety.
> There are the actual measurements as provided by the various explorers;
> who researched the pyramids, from 6th century Greek 'Father of Geometry'
> Thales, Herodetus, and Diodorius Siculus who lived about 100 AD when the
> casing stones were still complete and un-damaged, and the more modern
> explorers such as Cotsworth, and Smyth.

I have the book. But also out is Piazzi's work thru Barnes & Noble,
and also Facts On File/Time-Life has the Egypt Atlas which lists
latitude and dimensions. However, if you wish to get the shaft angles their are
two library books I checked out in gathering this info. Wouldn't it be nice if
someone, perhaps me had a webpage for others to access quicker than
searching bookstores ! Does this answer your WHY.
I know many an astronomer who criticizes that Peter Tompkins book.
Mind you not only do many scoff at others ideas of the Great Pyramid,
but I seem to be the only public scoffer who points out that none of you
ever study the astronomy of the other Egyptian pyramids to support your
ideas for the Great Pyramid. It is as if the other pyrmaids wont bring you fame.
Dont want to here how the others are studied by those who study
the progression of building structure....HOW ABOUT THEIR ASTRONOMY.
So books of the big GP dont measure up to the real topic no matter
how much they boast discovering the astronomy. I dont see the big
Orion secret in the other pyramids, yet they all aim at SETH the
Big Dipper (Krupp). The big Dipper covers an altitude of 43-52 degrees
in upper north culmination. This is the slopes of the pyramids.

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