Re: BETTER than the SUPER BOWL (MacRae vs. Conrad)

frank murray (fmurray@pobox,com)
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 18:44:18 GMT

On 9 Jan 1997 08:57:22 GMT, Claudio De Diana
<> wrote:

>Dear Everybody,
> I want to point out that the entity formerly known as
> (and also
> has lost his account for "Usernet abuse",
> "Harassment","Flame bait" and "Receiving of Multiple complaints".
> Of this we have a proof written by Ed Conrad himself, now
> transformed in, as it is explained in the
> following post:

it is sufficiently elevating to watch a mob of enraged pacifists beat
to death an unarmed and already downed victim...but if, after such
courageous act, they must publicly hold gather in gloat, they oughta
do so under new thread...if their mental powers, heavily taxed by
their noble struggle, cannot create one, i'd be happy to help...when
blessed by the presence of such heroes, one must...

in retch,