Re: Archaic H. sapiens???

J E Hawcroft (
Wed, 08 Jan 1997 14:36:43 +0000

Dan Barnes wrote:

> The KG has been dated to 600 to 500 ka (see Rightmire, 1996, again, for the
> dates) OK, sorry, I was thinking more of the Klasies RM lot and so on. I admit
the last stuff I read about them was a few years old but they were quoted
then as 120-80.

> PS - problems could occur if the Mauer jaw (the type fossil for H.h.) was found to
> be H.e. as was first thought. The whole group would need to be renamed (Homo
> Kabwensis ???)You might have something there! Interesting that before H.
heidelbergensis was thought of, most members of the group were quite
happy being in a vague, undefined category. Perhaps we shouldn't impose
"groups" on fossils as much as we do?
Regards, Jennie
PS enjoyed your paper at TAG.