Re: Archaic H. sapiens???

Bjorn Pedersen (
Mon, 06 Jan 1997 23:49:30 GMT

On Mon, 06 Jan 1997 12:24:14 -0500, Michael McBroom
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> I made no such claim of proof. The basicranium and palate are, however,
> good indicators of the range of articulatory movements possible, based
> on our studies of extant species.

If I may ask a question - without being in the field and without
having that much of an insight into it other than a keen and newly
acquired interest?

If I remember my school days correctly the Homo Neanderthalis buried
its dead, and to me it seems such an act would require a high level of
abstraction in the language - being able to pass on the myths and
beliefs associated with death and possible life beyond death. Even if
the Neanderthal lacked the capacity to verbalize as much as Homo
Sapiens, could it be said that their language was inferior to Homo
Sapiens in a cultural and textural context?

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