Re: When did "Eve" live??

T&B Schmal (
Sat, 04 Jan 1997 22:19:22 +0000

> > (Kevin Mackenzie) wrote:
> >>...the researchers determined (with reasonable
> >>confidence) that all modern Homo sapiens have one common maternal
> >>ancestor. Did the
> >>researchers estimate when this "Eve" lived...?

Please note that Homo sapiens have many, hundreds of thousands, millions
maybe, of common ancestors. There were common ancestors that gave us
mitosis, sight, fingers and toes, hemoglobin, - and - our Mitochondria.

The interesting thing about eve is that as far as we know she was the last
ancestor to whom we all can trace our lineage. It is quite likely that a
more recent common ancestor has existed and will be found (it may be, for
example, the ancestor who could first speak), but at this time eve is the
most recent. Nothing more than that, really.

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