Re: State of the world c. 12,000 years ago

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01 Jan 97 20:12:20 -700

Roger Dodger has this to say about that-
>In article <>,
>(Dale Woloshin) says:
>>A rather basic question, perhaps, but has anyone compiled in a
>>succinct form the state of the world at various times. A newcomer
>>to this discussion area, I have seen snippets of answers concerning
>>the end of the Wurm iceage, or of 30,000 years ago, etc., but am
>>wondering if

>The last ice age ended 11,600 +- 100 years ago.

>I discussed the theme during the first part of the year 1996 almost
>to tiredness, with over 100 letters to sci.archaeology and some also
>to this group.

>If you have some specifically formulated questions, I would be glad
>to try to answer.

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