Re: Human origins

Susan S. Chin (
Thu, 2 Jan 1997 02:28:42 GMT

Dane ( wrote:
: Who was it who requested an email of some web page they couldn't
: access?
: I downloaded it, then couldn't find who had asked for it.
: Greetings from Edinburgh
: Graham Dane

That would be me, I believe. Was it the Science article on the 3 species
of Homo in Java that you downloaded? If so, thanks for the offer. I tried
downloading it again a few days ago and was successful this time. The
article itself is very difficult to understand unless you have a fairly
good background in radiometric dating techniques... it doesn't discuss
the morphology of the specimens designated Homo erectus in the detail I'd
hoped for... I would have liked knowing how they arrived at the Homo
erectus designation. Apparently, that piece of research is in publication

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