Re: Evolution of racial characteristics: OoA vs. Multi-regionalism

Stanley Friesen (
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 23:10:54 GMT (Al Curtis) wrote:
>of something I read recently. Apparently, there is some evidence to
>suggest that certain anatomical differences seen in modern humans of
>various races today, i.e. dental shape, bone length, etc., already
>begin to be seen in H. erectus fossils found in various parts of the

There are two potential problems with this line of evidence:
A) If the features in question are adaptive then they will be
expected to re-evolve in any closely similar species in the same

B) There is some question about the identification of the
features. That is, the features are somewhat subjective, and thus may
not be rpesent in the same form in the local H. erectus and H.

>BTW, just what is the current thought regarding the taxonomic status
>of so-called archaic H. sapiens? I have not been able to find much
>information on this subject.

Highly controversial. Some workers consider it a separate species:
Homo heidelbergensis. Others treat it as early H. sapiens, and yet
others consider it a variant of H. erectus.

The peace of God be with you.

Stanley Friesen