Re: "Ape Men -- fact or fiction?"

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Tue, 31 Dec 1996 13:03:29 -0800

Herdsman wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Dec 1996 19:10:46 -0800, "Michael J. Gallagher"
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> >My friend E-Mailed me the following article, and asked me to post it here for
> >purposes of having the various arguments debated "by the other side." Looking for
> >point-by-point debate, not flames. Thanks in advance.
> >There is also the report of human footprints found next to dinasor prints.
> Well first of all let me say that I am both a scientist and a
> fundamentalist. Despite the stereotypes it is possible to be both.
> The Bible isn't a science textbook and its meant to tell men how to
> relate to their Creator. Sloppy science doesn't advance Christianity.
> There is absolutely NO evidence that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.
> On the other side of the coin, the Bible doesn't demand that they did
> co-exist.
> There are two stories about the man/dinosaur footprints in Texas.
> (1) They are forgeries.
> (2) They are in fact genuine; however they are separated by time (lots
> of time).
> Whichever is true, the conclusion is the same.

I thought that the footprints were both in fossilized mud that was
dated to the same time?