Re: YET another aquatic ape post

Rod Hagen (
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 09:28:41 +1000

It's interesting this "ability to swim" stuff. It strikes me that it could
open up a whole string of "aquatic" possibilities. Our Airedale Terrier
could swim from a very early age. She didn't need any lessons.(She didn't
"lose" the ability either). So can our border Collie.

Come to think of it, horses, cows, kangaroos, goannas, even cats, seem
pretty adept when they have to.

So, if the AAH people are right, and an innate ability to swim is a sign
of an aquatic heritage, we could see a spate of new discoveries in water
borne mammal area.

Hey, what am I doing wasting my time writing this and tipping off the

See you when I've finished the "Aquatic Airdale". It's got just the right
ring for a TV series! Could even get Disney to do an animated version!


Rod Hagen