Re: Picts and pyramids

Todd A. Farmerie (taf2@po.CWRU.Edu)
26 Jan 1995 17:33:23 GMT

In a previous article, (Harry George) says:

>Ok, this is pretty flakey, but I was wondering if anyone has considered
>this sequence of cultural diffusion:

My only question is this. What is special about the structures
constructed by the Picts which would cause them to be more attuned to
astronomy than those of anyone else (in other words, why do we need an
extra-mediteranean source for the pyramids being in line with the sun, why
do you suppose the Egyptians and everyone closer than Spain, for that
matter, were astro-illiterate)? Why is a source outside the
mediteranean needed to explain the pyramids at all? (I don't even want
to touch the topic of whether the egyptians were indo-european. Too
politically incorrect:)