Lord Zilch (Zilch)
28 Jan 1995 18:24:34 GMT

Rod Hagen ( wrote:

: The thing that intrigues me is the question of who the mythical Adam or
: Eve mated with. Were they brother and sister or were they of different
: species! It strikes me that the answer points to the absence of any clear
: boundary between species. (i.e there is no clear cut off point where one
: can say "this is human" and "this is not".)

If one accepts the "Adam's rib" hypothesis then Eve was CLONED.
Therefore when one's girlfriends accuses one of using her as a
masturbation aid she is, biblically speaking, quite correct.

By the way, will you brillant academics learn to EDIT? I'm only
a housepainter and I can work my Pico. CHEEZ.