Re: pseudoscience and fossils

Paul J. Gans (
17 Jan 1995 16:56:02 GMT

Pat Dooley ( wrote:

: << sensible stuff deleted >>

: >Pat, you are beginning to sound more and more like a creationist.
: >The primary proponents of Piltdown were anatomists, by the way.


: My primary reason for being interested in the AAH, as you have so astutely
: guessed, relates to creationism. Ever since I heard Bill Cosby do his skit
: on Noah and the Great Flood, the one where God tells Noah, to build an
: ark, and Noah asks why, and God answers, "How long can you tread water?",
: I've wondered how mankind survived the Great Flood. The AAH has provided
: an answer - "A very long time."

: Pat D

But Pat, that's unbiblical. And if we're going to be unbiblical,
why then, we don't need a great flood, do we?

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