Re: YET another aquatic ape post

Victor Debattista (
26 Jan 1995 23:42:05 -0500 (Sir CPU) writes:


>So, it would appear that there is an innate ability to swim that appears
>in humans before the ability to walk, then mysteriously disappears at
>approximately four months of age. I find this fasinating, especially
>because most savanna creatures have the ablity to run almost immediatly at
>birth, in order to escape from predators.

of course, nobody has yet seriously considered that a distant ancester was
aquatic but went extinct because their four month old offspring mysteriously
lost their ability to swin becoming easy prey for predators. as to why we're
here when our ancestors died out, well that is complicated to answer and
involves time-travel, spatio-temporal engineering and is a problem to be
solved by our ancestors.

this has been another truely illuminating post by