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Thu, 26 Jan 1995 05:48:01 GMT

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>: [And, given my name, you may even be able to figure out which
>: group I am talking about].
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>uhh... could it be a Muslim sub-group, per chance?
Oops, sorry about that - sarima is not "really" my name, it
is a "translation" of my first name into a *very* obscure language
(called Quenya, if you want to know).

The name I was refering to is my family name, "Friesen".

This name is *very* common in Mennonite circles. Mennonites
are a branch of the early Protestants, related to Baptists.
They are mainly distinguished by their radical pacifism.

Mennonites mostly marry other Mennonites, my father being an

However, one of my ancestors (something like great great great
grandfather, or maybe another great) was a leader of a Mennonite
splinter sect called the Kleine Gemeinde (roughly translated
from German this means "Small Congegration", which gives you
some idea of its size).


May the peace of God be with you.