Re: YET another aquatic ape post

Sir CPU (
22 Jan 1995 19:39:13 -0500

-You haven't really established a difference in ability. You
-keep telling us that human babies can swim but I haven't seen
-you or anyone else produce any actual data. I find it
-difficult to believe that a human infant that cannot hold it's
-head up or control the movement of its limbs can swim. Please
-provide data to support this contention.

- Phil Nicholls

I provided this reference about a month ago - remember PHIL!! You choosed
to ignore it then, I wonder if you will do the same thing again.

Once again, Hardy's original hypothesis was developed from evidence he
researched on the swiming behavior of infants. The work he used is sighted

The reference is McGraw, M. 1939 Swiming behavior of the human infant, J
Pediatrics 15, p 485-90

There is a picture of an human infant floating on its back in the book
"Manwatching" by Desmond Morris p 296

Do I need to send this picture directly to you Phil, or are you capable
of going to the library and getting the book yourself??

Troy Kelley