Re: What did AAT Supposedly eat?

Pat Dooley (
24 Jan 1995 21:24:02 -0500

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>Always wondered how the AAT people think the arboreal apes got a taste
>the water in the first place. Dropping from the trees into the water
>perhaps? And how did they get out again? Mangroves?

Best theory so far is that a group of apes were cut off in the Danakil
when the Sea of Afar formed. The drying out of their arboreal habitat
forced them into scavenging on the sea shore. When the Sea of Afar
dried up, they were forced to adopt a more terrestrial mode of living.
The geological evidence suggests a possible period of isolation of
1.5 - 3 million years. So far, no fossils, but nobody has been digging
there either.

Pat Dooley