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23 Jan 1995 03:29:00 GMT

In article <rodhagen-2301950950530001@>, (Rod Hagen) writes:
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|> The thing that intrigues me is the question of who the mythical Adam or
|> Eve mated with. Were they brother and sister or were they of different
|> species! It strikes me that the answer points to the absence of any clear
|> boundary between species. (i.e there is no clear cut off point where one
|> can say "this is human" and "this is not".)
What is intriguing to me is that proponents of biological evolution
fail to see the glaring deficiencies in their theories to which you
have alluded. Namely, if there are no clear boundaries betweeen species,
then why does the fossil record show such distinct boundaries.
Alternatively, for those who have recognized the clear implications
of the fossil record and have jumped from the darwinian frying pan to
the fire of *punctuated equilibrium*, isn't it amazing that the quantum
leap in speciation produced coincident organisms of opposite sex (so
as to allow reproduction). That takes a lot more faith than believing
in special creation. You know, maybe the Cambrian explosion isn't so
strange after all....