Homo Erectus News

Hideo Gump (hideogump@aol.com)
22 Jan 1995 19:53:52 -0500

>I recently read that homo.erectus may have been in Indonesia as early as
>2,000,000 years ago and persisted untill as recent as 100,000 years ago.
>As if what those numbers imply wasn't a real pain to many current
>the thing I find startling is that no stone tools have ever been found in

>this area associated with homo erectus.If that 2 million year figure is
>right they may have arrived in Indonesia before the *invention* of stone
>tools. My source is Discover magizine Sept.94 Article based on work by
>Garniss Curtis of Berkley Geochronology Center and Ian Tattersal of the
>American Museum of Natural History.Any info or comments is appreciated!