Re: Yet More Nicholls vs Morgan

Paul J. Gans (
14 Jan 1995 03:01:07 GMT

Phil. Felton ( wrote:
: In article <3eu08r$>, (Phil
: Nicholls) wrote:

: > I try not to use reprints
: > for this very reason -- going to the journals is a good way to stumble
: > across other interesting materials.
: >
: >
: I frequently come across errors in the bibliographies of papers which I
: review but my impression is that this is an area which doesn't get reviewed
: as carefully because unless you know the paper personally it takes a lot
: of work to check out all the references.

Phil Nicholls makes an excellent point. I *sometimes* check
references, but often against a citation of that paper in *my*
collection of reprints. I'm going to stop doing that.

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