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>Can anyone tell me what this abr. stands for so I can include myself in
>other conversations.
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AAT = aquatic ape theory

AAH = aquatic ape hypothesis (more accurate in my view).

Briefly, AAT supporters contend that hairlessness and a host of other
characteristics are very similar to characteristics of aquatic mammals
and that these characteristics are found in humans because a pre-human
ape ancestor swam/waded/wallowed (depending on who you talk to) and
that there was convergent evolution.

AAT traits include:

eccrine gland sweating
a lack of apocrine sweat glands
descended larynyx
fleshy, downward pointed nose.
salty tears
subcutaneous layers of fat
babies born with lots of fat.
babies are able to swim.

I have disputed all of these as either (a) not being unique to humans
(b) erroneous (c) based on anecdotal accounts.

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